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Making the most of your Phuket second home purchase

We all know that we don't always have enough time to enjoy our second home or apartment. How can we make the most of our Phuket holiday property purchase? Here are some great tips to make the most of your holiday apartment, condo, or villa. Read more now on Pulse Real Estate

It is possible to extend the time you can use your Phuket condo or apartment by visiting in shoulder season, when there are fewer tourists but still nice weather. The apartment is likely to be empty unless someone rents it out year-round. This is because there are not enough people renting in high season, and too many in low season. It is the perfect time to rent out your apartment for high season. The shoulder months are May and November.

If you are only staying for a month or less, renting a bungalow at a lower price is another way to maximize the value of your purchase. Most people think they must stay in their condo or unit because they own it and it is theirs. If you can find a renter during the low season, let them use your unit. Then ask the owner if they will provide you with a similar unit for the duration of your stay. You should never kick out a tenant who has been there for a while just because you are staying a few extra weeks.

Talking to the owners of your project to learn when the quietest periods are will allow you to schedule your visit during these times. This is because not only are things like food cheaper, but also motorcycles and car rentals. There are also many specials on travel and flights. People who do not live on the island permanently are unaware of many discounts during low season, such as on food, car rentals and tours. Many Chinese and Indians who are low-season tourists now visit Phuket as part of group tours.

You can save money by visiting Phuket in the off-season and renting your Phuket home or apartment during high season.

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