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Non secular Quantum Physics – "I Believe" Versus “I Know”

One of the most remarkable variations of the 2 Ages is Age of Pisces. This is the Age of Aquarius which was just beginning. The two are usually summarized as Belief Vs. KNOW. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on ayahauasca peru

The Earth Earth was inundated by the Galactic Sunshine during the Age of Pisces. This strength was called "I Imagine".

At this level, the human race chose to believe that everyone else was right. They decided to not research the responses and find them for themselves.

They place all their faith in professionals, experts and people who take the time and initiative to find a solution.

Once they had been diagnosed with a disease, they sought out doctors, healers, shamans, and quacks in order to be treated.

They considered all the information about their health and their results. They accepted that their bodies would be sliced on the functioning tables.

The total amount of toxic and noxious radiations as well as chemical compounds was increased. Also, compensated for exorbitant costs of being 'cured.

They visited church buildings, synagogues, moscks, temples and thought about every thing that monks, priests, rabbis, and mullahs had to say. They believed all they had been told by God were true revelations that God spoke to the preferred number of people.

They believed that they would be in heaven if only they followed the advice of clergymen, Rabbis and Mullahs. Otherwise, hell.

They trusted them enough to believe that the slick talkers and attorneys would make great politicians.

They believed that spending would increase if better taxes were implemented, making politicians wealthier than their existence.

They were influenced by what the politicians had told them about their "enemies", and they went to war. Young men and women lost their lives because politicians, smooth-talkers, and the munition corporations explained to them that they were carrying out this war to preserve democracy.

Even though not one of those who went to see a physician for a cure, or perhaps a priest for support, knowledge God, nor even voted for the politician, they still don't understand if the information they have been giving them is true.

They never checked. They never took the time nor required to look for the answers themselves. They were content with what other people told them.

The Age of I Feel is the title of 2000 years.

That is fine and good, but it is only a part of the evolutionary process humanity had. 2000-12 months Galactic cycle for "I Believe"

But, we have left the "I Believe," electrical power discipline of Galaxy and moved into the Galactic electrical field called "I Know", also known as the Age of Aquarius. Spiritual Quantum Physics, the new paradigm in the Age of Aquarius, is it.

Quantum Physics nonsecular offers man the crucial thing into the making blocks that show him how to co-create together with the Creator God.

The doors of both the Quantum Ocean along with the Brain of God can be accessed from anywhere. You can view everything that intelligent is or will ever be. A person can now view the Quantum Ocean to find the answers to his problems and see that they are real.

Male can now search for God during the Quantum Ocean and see that he lives, works and is currently in the Brain of God.

One can adhere to the Regulations of Non secular Quantum Physics, and manage his own daily living.