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You should consider dry cleaning techniques for your carpets if you're looking to keep the house clean or if you have specific stains you wish to get rid of. Powders sprinkled on carpet might not come to mind when you consider carpet cleaning. However, for several reasons they could be your best option.

In most cases, dry carpet cleaners use powder to absorb stains or odors. These dry powders will absorb even the hardest stains when given time. As they're so easy to use, if your time is limited, you could apply the powder to a surface, then leave it to dry and come back later to clean it. Cleaning with this method will be much more powerful than simply scrubbing the surface using soap and hot water.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the dry methods can be superior by far. People are not happy with wet methods of carpet cleaning because they leave a bad smell in the atmosphere. You may want to consider dry carpet-cleaning methods such as powder when evaluating your options. With powder there's no lingering scent and the stain is completely removed. If you have food stains on your carpet, or grease spots that are difficult to remove with liquid cleaners, carpet dry powders will do a fantastic job.

You can clean your carpet dry. In many cases, the offending spot is sprinkled with powder, which you then apply and scrub. After half an hour, the residue can be removed by vacuuming or picking up the clumps. Even though you have to scrub the area, this method is far superior. This will save your time and effort. Why spend more time cleaning your carpet than is necessary? Why not use dry carpet powders? They will do the work for you.
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